About Us

Sense Therapeutic, LLC is your online store where you can easily shop for all your favorite organic health products and stay healthy. We believe that health is wealth and when you live healthy, you will feel wealthy. Our goal is to promote the use of organic, herbal, and effective home remedies that boost health and wellness. We believe that everyone should be an advocate for their well-being and that is the reason we encourage our customers to read our blogs for our weekly health tips. Sense Therapeutic believes in the use of products like Essential Oils, Natural Supplements, CBD Oils, along with many others. Sense Therapeutic is all about expressing self-care by taking into account your health and lifestyle. Whether you want to work on sleeping better, eating healthier, improving your immune system, controlling your weight, or even having better focus, the products found on Sense Therapeutic will do the trick.

Health Remedies

Sense Therapeutic, LLC applies a holistic approach in managing human health and social wellbeing. We provide our customers with products and educational resources to make an informed decision. Living an active lifestyle is all about being an advocate of your own health with the right food and supplements. Sense Therapeutic made it easier to shop for your health and maintain a good balanced diet from the benefit of organic nutritional supplements, blood sugar support, blood pressure support, homeopathic remedies, sleep support, to spiritual/mental and emotional health.

Health Remedies

At Sense Therapeutic, we see beauty as something deeper than the mere physical appearance, it is characterized by the satisfaction and sense of being in good health. There are so many things we love about our customers living in their uttermost divine healthy state. Human physical and emotional health comes from within, so we emphasis the importance of self-care by using more natural products. With the use of more organic products derived from our own planet, one can feel beautiful both inside and out.

Essential Oils

Sense Therapeutic has a strong passion for integrating the use of essential oils into one’s health and wellness regimen. Essential oils are naturally extracted from different herbs and serve the purpose of using aromatherapy for medical purposes. The possibilities of how essential oils can be used are endless. We like to provide our customers with the option of using natural healing remedies to improve their everyday life. When used the right way, they can do wonders for one’s health.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a rather ancient medical remedy that originates from many countries all around the world. They provide many benefits and serve multiple purposes in the improvement of one’s internal and external health. These benefits can range from treating a cold to relieving stress, to anti-aging properties, and even lowering one’s appetite which can also aid in weight management. Sense Therapeutic provide many different teas such as, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Green, Rooibos, and so many more.

Vitamins and Supplements

It’s a sad truth that humans don’t always get all the vitamins they need for everyday survival from the foods they eat. Unfortunately, as we eat every day, those vitamins from proteins and other vegetables, are flushed out by our everyday activities. There are so many essential vitamins that our bodies need in order to function on the daily basis. Sense Therapeutic recognizes the value of supplying our customers with the everyday vitamins needed for survival. Along with that, the individual may need supplements as a reinforcer, whether they lack sleep, energy, iron, etc. whatever the concern may be, Sense Therapeutic has the solution for you.

Weight Management

It’s no secret that weight is a subject that has been deemed rather sensitive in popular culture; people are judged for being “too thin” or being “too muscular”. Here at Sense Therapeutic, we find all shapes and sizes equally beautiful, and we also see nothing wrong with wanting to adjust to a size or shape more suitable to you. That may be gaining more muscle, losing some weight in your arms and legs, or simply slimming your waist. We encourage healthier methods and products that will help you manage your weight and reach your desired goal.

About Me

Hey there! My name is Tonye and I’m a wife and mom of 3 beautiful girls.

I was born and raised in Nigeria. After I got married, I moved to Europe with my husband where we spent the early years of our marriage. We then decided to settle down in the United States, making Florida our home. I’m an architect turned accountant and now I’ve added food blogger to my resume!

Before I started blogging, I kept my recipes on index cards that I would hang all over my kitchen. As my kids grew older, they suggested that we create a blog to share the recipes that I learned and created. I absolutely love exploring different cultures through the food they eat. With my architectural skills and diverse perspectives, you won’t find any boring, dusty old recipes here! I have a passion for cooking diverse foods and even enjoy designing and improvising my own recipes. Food is always an adventure and I find joy in trying different things!

Note: – I am NOT a Nutritionist. I was inspired to start cooking to teach my girls about the benefits of eating fresh food and avoiding the processed stuff. I’m able to teach them how to eat healthy and enjoy doing it. My hope is that by sharing my delicious recipes and teaching you about these wonderful ingredients, you can not only learn about their benefits but also be inspired to try something new! In this blog, I will be sharing a lot of my secret recipes and introducing some products that have actually worked for me and my family.

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, I enjoy traveling, hanging out with my family, and listening to inspirational music. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are inspired by the things I share!