Best Hair Care Products for a Healthy Scalp and Thick, Healthy Hair

Strong, beautiful hair and a healthy scalp go hand in hand. It’s easy to forget that the scalp is, in fact, skin and needs proper care just like the skin on our faces. And hair, even though its shaft is comprised of keratin protein rather than living tissue, can become damaged by heat, color processing and environmental factors. The key to achieving your best look? Treating your hair and scalp right. Here, we’ve consulted with expert stylists and dermatologists to help you choose the best care for your hair’s unique needs.

Hair growth and scalp treatments from Briogeo, Living Proof, Oribe, Alterna, Christophe Robin & miriam quevedo

14 Best Hair Growth Products and Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Whether you have thinning hair caused by stress, hormones, aging or other factors, these treatments—from scalp serums to supplements—can help. Read more.

redhead touching her hair

7 Stylist-Approved Tips to Help Your Hair Color Last Longer

A little at-home maintenance can help your color look fresh from the salon until it’s time for your next appointment. Try these colorist-recommended methods. Read more.

Woman with curly hair

How to Keep Every Type of Curly Hair Healthy

Well cared for curls are always in style. Not sure where to start? The first step is understanding your hair’s unique texture, say curl expert stylists. Read more.

Woman applying hair mask

8 Must-Have Hair Masks for Every Hair Type and Concern

Sometimes achieving your hair goals means going beyond your usual wash, shampoo and condition routine. These masks can help restore your hair’s health. Read more.

Woman putting her hair in a ponytail

7 Innovative Hair Products Inspired by Skin Care

Serum for your scalp? Sun protection for your strands? These breakthrough products mimic a complete skin care routine and let your hair reap the benefits. Read more.

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What Does a Healthy Scalp Look Like? (Plus, 7 Scalp Treatments to Try)

Flakes, excess sebum and itching could all be clues that your scalp is in need of some TLC, says Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist. “The healthier the scalp, the healthier the hair will be.” Read more.

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