Everything You Need to Take Your Holiday Makeup Looks to the Next Level

Woman wearing holiday makeup look

If there were ever a time to experiment with an elevated makeup look, the holidays are it. The sparkle of the season is truly the perfect time to take your beauty game to the next level, and we’re not just talking about glitter (although let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a holiday makeup round-up without it). Instead, we’re focusing on small tweaks—a swipe of highlighter here, a bold, red lip there—that can transform an everyday beauty look to one that’s worthy of a holiday soiree.

Celebrity makeup artist Bryan Cantor couldn’t agree more, which is why we tapped him for tips.  “You can’t sparkle too much during the holiday season,” Cantor says. “Holiday parties are a time for your friends or coworkers to get together and have some fun as a group, and that fun extends to fashion and beauty looks.”

From a rosy-toned glow and metallic shadow, to products (and tricks of the trade) that can help keep your look lasting all night long, you’re going to want to add the following ideas to your holiday makeup playbook, ASAP.

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